Season One


Image Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
Pilot Pilot Dave Headey Gregory Brown June 5, 2011 #101
In the tourist spot Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, the warrior Ryan Calder is finally in a place in his life which he's happy with: his brother Jonny knows the truth about what he is, he's just met the stunning Lottie, and he has reached such a high status in Samson's troop that he receives respect from even Samson himself. However, as Ryan becomes cocky in his new way of life, he must question where his loyalties truly lie when a sudden series of events unfold, endangering Lottie's life. Elsewhere, Jesse is stunned by Queenie's new makeover, in more ways than one, and Dana worries that joining extra credit classes will ruin her reputation.
Dris 2 Peter Kastrosse Alan Brusher June 10, 2013 #102
As Ryan's smitten behaviour around Lottie intensifies, Dana must deal with her father's smothering nature when she brings home her first boyfriend. Jonny comes up with a plan to win Dana over, unaware of her new relationship, and a lost Lottie is thrilled when Dana proves a true friend in a moment of crisis. Jesse, still left shell-shocked by Queenie, tries to get her to notice him helplessly. Finally, as a hapless Samson receives Kimberley's comfort in the wake of Ryan's departure, she makes a suggestion which sounds frightfully tempting.
3 3 Peter Kastrosse & Julie-Anne Grass Andrew Shills June 17, 2013 #103
There's a new vampire in town -- and he's after Ryan. But as Flynn zeros in on one particular target to attract Ryan's attention, Jonny discovers that his little brother may be in too vulnerable a place to come back from after witnessing Lottie in the arms of someone else. Rather than express concern for Ryan, Jonny decides to use the opportunity to his advantage when it comes to Dana. Queenie finds she has her own domestic issues when her parents announce their impending divorce. Digging deeper into her family history, she discovers a surprise family member. Finally, Jesse's grades are slipping and he risks being removed from his extra classes.
4 4 Peter Kastrosse Andrew Shills June 24, 2013 #104
When a string of murders shocks the town, Ryan and Jonny are stunned when their own revelation, that Flynn may be innocent, leaves them asking who the next threat to their lives could be. Fuming after an argument with Dana, a stubborn Lottie doesn't realise just how much she may need a friend. Queenie, half oblivious to the commotion around her, tricks Percy into meddling in her own family life, Lola makes a startling discovery, and Jesse tries to fight his feelings for Zoey. But, finally, when a mysterious new woman reaches out to the brothers, they uncover Shawna.
5 5 Peter Kastrosse Avery Adams & Caren Hosen July 1, 2013 #105
Confused, alone and in unbearable pain, Dana is willing to do anything to numb her agony -- including kill. But as she gets answers from a terrified Lola, most of which are completely unexpected, Dana makes a bold decision which could be a matter of life and death. Meanwhile, in a completely different environment, Samson answers Ryan and Jonny's questions, including the story around Shawna. Worried when his daughter does not return home, Dana's father enlists a search party to find her, but when the news reaches Jonny, Ryan must comfort his brother who fears the worst. Queenie's anxious when Percy gets too close for comfort and, despite Jesse's attempts to be her knight in shining armour, someone unexpected gets there first. And finally, sensing that she may not have a prominent place in new boyfriend Jesse's heart, a jealous Zoey takes matters into her own hands in a shocking twist.
150px 6 Peter Kastrosse Caren Hosen July 8, 2013 #106
150px 7 Victor Sarandon Robert Dawson July 15, 2013 #107
150px 8 Victor Sarandon Tiffany Blanchett July 22, 2013 #108
150px 9 Tiffany Blanchett Tiffany Blanchett July 29, 2013 #109
150px 10 Tiffany Blanchett & Dave Headey Tiffany Blanchett August 5, 2013 #110