Episode 1
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date August 7, 2013
Written by Dave Headey
Directed by Gregory Brown
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Episode 1 was the first episode of the series.


In the tourist spot Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, the warrior Ryan Calder is finally in a place in his life which he's happy with: his brother Jonny knows the truth about what he is, he's just met the stunning Lottie, and he has reached such a high status in Samson's troop that he receives respect from even Samson himself. However, as Ryan becomes cocky in his new way of life, he must question where his loyalties truly lie when a sudden series of events unfold, endangering Lottie's life. Elsewhere, Jesse is stunned by Queenie's new makeover, in more ways than one, and Dana worries that joining extra credit classes will ruin her reputation.